0.0.6 Testing

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Testing for 0.0.6

  • Missing page numbers on each page, making the table of contents not as useful when scrolling through (or giving feedback here).  I do like the linked table of contents though to jump straight to the section.
  • Inconsistent formatting between what's typed and what shows on the screenshots (capitalization)
  • Inconsistent formatting on abbreviations
  • Page 5 is blank
  • Perhaps update the guide to format words like "ALT" or in-game things like SYSTEM TRACKER, etc. to show that it is something that's actually in-game.  Will be faster to skim the guide.
  • Is there an option for brighter GM darkvision (or longer range)?
  • Player section of the guide (haven't actually had a chance to play as a player at the time I typed out these suggestions)
  • On the MOVE page, there's an incomplete sentence: "You can move multiple units at a time, simply _right_ choose move on ..."
  • In the SPELL SLOTS section, the word "expanded" should be "expended".  Based on the information here, will there be a way to get all the spell slots back quickly?  For example, at high levels there are a lot of slots available - is there going to be a "long rest" button kind of thing?
  • In the DETAILED ATTACK section, would it be easier to have 3 buttons for hit rather than a dropdown + hit button?  I'm envisioning a red HIT button, a grey HIT button, and a green HIT button type deal (disadvantage/normal/advantage respectively)
  • In the DETAILED SPELL section, it states that my Spell DC will show up on the screen after clicking on the damage - what if I want to link the whole spell card? what if I want to know my spell DC in general, is there a location for that?  Could that just pop up on the cards near where the "HIT" button would be, so that I know as a player what the DC would be so that I can change my mind if I want to?

  • Will there be support for importing/exporting monsters or players from a formatted txt/xml/csv file type thing?           
  • Secondary resources: Will there be text to go with them, as reminders?  Are spell slots planned for this type of visual representation as well (roughly)?
  • Main menu: Why are there the 3 axes in the bottom left corner? (see screenshot)
  • CHAT WINDOW: I like how it fades away, this definitely helps with visual clutter
  • FORUMS: Is there a way to have a post of "known bugs" that is stickied (or "known things to update" type deal, so that when we give feedback we don't repeat ourselves?
  • LOGIN: Should I be able to log in to my own account multiple times? i.e. I have a computer with the server running, and another computer playing as a character.  Don't know if this is intended, or whether long-term this would break anything in your vision.
  • UI: Will there be a way to see either (a) a health bar over other's heads, or (b) visual changes to the character in order to show injury?
  • SUGGESTION: Create a notepad for players/GM to have notes in general.
  • SUGGESTION: For players, be able to create a "checklist/to-do list" type area, so we can create our own "completed that quest!" type set of notes

1. GM UI: 
  • For the SHIFT and CTRL keys, when I press them both only the last one works - intended? (assuming so)
  • I like the new ALT key (rather than the ENTER key) to swap modes.  Is there a way to have it be either a toggle, or a press-and-hold option? Is this something that can be put into Settings as a possible option?
  • Loving the vertical strafing (Q/Z buttons); makes my life SO much easier - you have no idea
  • When possessing, and I click on the HEALTH BAR, is there a way to auto-focus the text box that pops up? There's an extra click there to select the textbox that is unnecessary if there's a way for you to auto-focus it?  This way I don't click the HEALTH BAR, then click the TEXTBOX, then type in the changes.
  • When attacking things using the QUICKBAR options, it has more information than if I use the pop-up WEAPON ATTACK window.  Also, is there a way to set DISADVANTAGE/ADVANTAGE for the QUICKBAR at the bottom of the screen?

  • CHARACTER SELECT: Will there be more info in the future (i.e. a whole character sheet to view?)  I'm not sure how the AC is calculated for the Barbarian - but it looks like (based on the picture) it is relying on Unarmored Defense.  If this is accurate, then the AC is inaccurate based on the calculation of 10+CON+DEX.  If it's some other way, then I can't test it as of yet.
  • RESOURCE BAR: Will there be a way to identify what resource is what (except by clicking on it and having the window pop up)
  • Noticed there is just a generic HIT button to roll to hit; will there be a "Ranged vs. Melee" type HIT option? I'm just thinking that if I swap to a bow, then this could prove useful.
  • Will there be a way to change/move the buttons on the character quick-bar?
  • Will there be a way to go back to the CHARACTER SELECT screen, rather than just quitting and rejoining in order to change characters?
  • For the resource bars, would it make sense to be a slider instead of a click-type-the-value-in-a-box type thing?  I'm finding the massively large textboxes quite visually cumbersome (and extra clicks required to do things)
  • ALT-to-toggle-modes is not intuitive as a player.  I liked the HOLD RIGHT-CLICK (or left-click) option to rotate the camera - though had some issues with it (see "mouse hostage" comments)
  • Will there be a way to tell whether I'm concentrating on a spell, and what spell it is? This might be useful by the AC/SPEED/PP area? "Concentrating on: ___" (or whatever makes sense for the UI)

  • RADIAL BUTTONS: Is there a way so that I can click on the radial buttons, and it closes the window if it's already open (or a toggleable option in settings to have this option?)
  • RADIAL AREA: I like the text that shows the distance from the last place (when possessing), but find the contrast between it and the background similar - is there a way to make the text slightly brighter?
  • WEAPON ATTACK: Is there a way to change the name of the window to be based on the item that has opened, or will this cause an issue of too many windows opening (due to non-unique names?)
  • SPEED: Will there be a different feeling in speed between the 30' movement and other movement speeds?  Or is that going to be a combat-only thing?
  • DM: Notification of connect/disconnect of player could prove useful (because you're not always looking at the Overview Tab)
  • DRAW DISTANCE: I know some spells allow you to shoot/see things at quite a distance, is there a plan to handle this? (1000s of feet up to miles).   What about something that allows you to scry into an area?
  • CENTER DISTANCE: Seems to be more where the mouse is, rather than the center.  It also doesn't take into account the goblin that's there, and the distance is to the object behind it (i.e. tree, wall, mountain, etc.).  With a center reticle, it would seem useful to have it be accurate - otherwise, we can just use the mouse to figure this out and look in the bottom left corner.
  • The whole "I'm holding your mouse hostage" thing is annoying when using multiple monitors, or using the game in non-FULLSCREEN mode.  It's hard to type feedback when my mouse is stuck in the game.  It only seems to happen when I'm possessing an NPC, or when playing as a PLAYER (couldn't click on spell dots).  It also seems to pop up if I ALT+TAB out to another window, but sometimes fixes itself in game if something goes to chat?  Seems inconsistent in hostage-taking.  It also came up when I was RIGHT-CLICK dragging the camera as a PLAYER.  To fix, I have to exit game and re-enter.
  • One time, I entered the game, and I fell through the world on the character select screen.
  • When I'm holding ALT and I use the SCROLL WHEEL to move up or down the list: if I continue to hold ALT, I CANNOT right-click on mobs (most of the time), OR it pushes the CONTEXT window behind the Overview Tab.
  • Noticed DOUBLE RIGHT-CLICK also sends you to the mob - planned?
  • Loving the expanded search options in the mob list
    • Regarding this, will there be a way for us to add notes to mobs when we create our own? For example, perhaps I can add a tag to a mob regarding what zone it is in, so that I can just "search by zone" type deal.  This way I only have the mobs up that are in the general area.  This could prove useful in SUPER large areas.  Or even something like "within 'X' feet" of the GM (or a target) type deal?  Just a long term suggestion

  • Like the addition of the "X" button
  • Is there a way to highlight the first person in the list to show that they're first.  I know that it's always the top person, but it might not always be clear.  Perhaps just a subtle font colour change?  If not, no worries; I'm sure people will get used to the top of the list being the person that's up now.
  • I don't know if you need the word "Token" in "Token Name" for the manual initiative addition area.  Were you envisioning this being different than just "Name"?
  • Can you add a confirmation box to the "Clear" button, or perhaps give it less real-estate so that you don't accidentally hit it?
  • I noticed in the documentation that the initiative token names are only visible to GMs - is this intentional?  Is there a way to have the character be notified that they're next while someone else is going?  Perhaps something pops up on their screen stating they're next in line type deal so they can prepare their turn?  Could this be a toggle-able option in settings somewhere, in case people don't like this?  Just some food for thought since the PCs won't see the tracker.
  • See Screenshot for the amount of Bobs (created by using "Bob", "Bob_", "Bob__", "Bob___", etc. where "_" represents a SPACE)
  • Can we make this resizable (like the OVERVIEW tab)


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  • +1 to everything

    A couple minor things: Will there be an option to change key bindings? I prefer Q/E for up and down, instead of Q/Z.

    Radial menu: I don't hate the idea, but the combination of holding ALT and it's location, isn't the best. I think toggle will be a huge help, but could there be a secondary option to have a pop-up radial menu? eg., I hit TAB, and a 360 radial menu pops up on my cursor location.
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    • After clicking on ROLL, would there be a way for the dice-roll I just used be able to be re-used instead of having to set it back up again?  Also, is there a way that we can set up a macro directly from this screen?

    • Resource bar, the 2/2 with the separator in the yellow bars makes it look like there is a mistake behind the 2nd "2" value (see screenshot).
    • For the attack options, I noticed things are doubling up pretty quickly and I'm only level 1.  Would there be an option to put in a "RAGING" toggle or something, and have it auto-calculate into the attacks as required?
    • Same topic, if I bring up the WEAPON ATTACK window, there is no "I'm raging" option in there either.  I see the note about it note automatically including it; will this eventually be an option?
    • USE DIVINE SENSE: Spelling mistake in text
    • USE LAY ON HANDS: Awkward wording
    • OFF-HAND DAMAGE: I don't think this should add your ability modifier unless you took a feat? Can't recall off hand (pun intended)
    • SNEAK ATTACK: The description doesn't embody the entirety of the ability.

    • CURE WOUNDS: I have to click on DAMAGE for it to heal... seems counter-intuitive
    • SPELLS: Will there be a way to choose what spell slot to use for a spell? I know that some spells can be up-cast
    • STONECUNNING: Description is different than the mouseover description

    • AOE: How will a user know the area of effect zone for area spells? (How will the GM know?)
    • TRANCE: Description is inaccurate.  Still need 8 hours of "resting" to get a long rest, but your 4 hours gets you the same benefit as a human who takes 8 hours of SLEEP.
    • SHORTSWORD CALCULATION: Seems off.  Wizards are not proficient in shortswords, and shouldn't be getting the +2 to hit.
    • MAGE ARMOR: I used it, but how do I go about changing my AC?
    • SPELLBOOK: Will there be one eventually?


    • Your unordered and ordered list options in posting isn't working in the PREVIEW section
    • I can't make really long posts (hence a second comment)

     Hope some of this stuff proves useful!

  • Hey them2k,

    Great comprehensive feedback, let me address some of the points you have listed. Those I have not touched have either been implemented or in the planning phase for implementation.

    - There currently is no way to mass return all the expended slots
    - In terms of the detailed attack having a button for each action would be interesting, the main concern was trying not to cram too many interaction objects as players could inadvertently click the wrong button and have to click the appropriate one to fix it. The drop-down acts more as a "confirm this is what you want" step in the rolling process.
    - I like the idea of the detail spell cards adding the DC next to the hit button! In regards to the spell card output, right now it is programmed to display one of four things: hit / damage on spell attack, damage / dc on spell save, straight up damage (magic missile is the only one that fits this right now) and the spell card description for any spells that don't have any sort of damage rolls or saves (like detect magic)

    - Once the system is fully in place, we foresee ability to easily import and export characters, this could also mean monsters and npc's as they all follow the same convention as characters.
    - For the secondary resources, we planned on having tooltips as reminders for what they were.
    - Forums require a bit more organization, in the future we'll do some cleanup 
    - We're considering health bars above player's head, but I like the idea about visual representation of health on a character, we would definitively look into that as a possibility.
    - Love the suggestions.

    GM UI

    - Key override works as intended
    - Toggle vs not toggle could make it in as an option for the settings menu
    - The hotbar macros are pre-defined dice rolls, it will be harder to create something of a "toggle" for advantage and disadvantage as a result. Each one would need to be it's own die roll. Will keep an eye on what can be done for those.

    Player UI
    - The character select will eventually contain a lot more information as soon as you have one selected. I like the idea of populating a character sheet next to the selection in the free space. 
    - There are plans on improving the user experience once the system receives all required core functionality, right now we just wanted a vertical slice of what you would have at your disposal for quick testing. 
    - Currently nothing displays concentration on spells, a visual representation is a great idea, will have to consider possible location for it.

    General UI
    - Speed only plays effect in combat scenarios due to the turn based nature. Improvements on this will be made down the line.
    - Draw distance right now is only calculating based off of what you are able to see and collides only with static placed objects, we'll be making improvements on this for ranged casters for sure.
    - The distance is always calculated from mouse cursor, the target is simply where the mouse is set to be held while in exploration mode, hence the hostage situation :) 

    - Double click to travel on right mouse button is not intended.

    Turn Tracker
    - Highlighting is not implemented but is now going on my wishlist for improvements!
    - Token is just what we called the "pieces you can place and interact with", it serves no real purpose and could be dropped to remove confusion.
    - The amount of bobs with "_" being added in the tracking is intended as the tracker does not differentiate between amount of "_" in sequence. It will all fall down to the character restrictions we impose on character sheet names for npc's, monsters, etc.

    Dice Window
    - This was always intended to be in just to have a quick way to roll a die without having to type in a formula by hand. The auto-clear on submit is intended. Will definitely look into a way to send a complex roll to the macro creator.


    - Individual modifiers such as rage damage or life cleric healing are built-in to their individual mechanics, will be looking into ways to toggle such mechanics on and off to auto-add results to rolls. This would allow for less clutter and overlap of abilities on the hotbar.
    - Spells cast at a higher level will be implemented for sure.
    - Spells currently have no direct effect on character stats, such as Mage Armor affecting AC. Will be making AC, PP and Speed editable to give more control over it as a result.

    Will be looking into potential fixes for these issues, just wish time was more abundant to work on everything we really wanted to accomplish :D

    Really appreciate all your feedback! Keep it coming!
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