Patch Notes


Sizeable update that fixes lots of bugs and improves usability.


  • Fixed a problem with some buttons no longer being click-able
  • Rolls will no longer display the stats or type of die rolled in chat, only the end-result
  • Picking quit from the settings menu will properly bring you to the main menu instead of quitting the game
  • Chatbox will no longer be on top of everything
  • Settings page in game now has a proper size


  • You are now able to sprint with shift and slow down with ctrl
  • Use Q to increase altitude and Z to decrease it
  • Resizing of the Overview window is now possible
  • Health and AC now overlap their respective icons
  • Overview filters have been greatly improved, for a full list check out AdventureRollInstructions.pdf in the game win64 folder
  • Turn tracker entries can be individually removed now
  • Full names will now go to the turn tracker instead of only first names
  • Adding an entry to the tracker manually can be done with the enter key, no longer just the + button
  • Tooltip entry for the overview will no longer say none
  • Context menus will no longer overlap and they no longer go off screen if you bring them up near the bottom
  • All NPC context menu macros now use gm roll instead of regular roll
  • You can now mass select units to move, instructions in the pdf


  • Fixed attack and spell menus to bring up the detailed attack and detailed spell view respectively, more on this feature in the AdventureRollInstructions.pdf
  • All icons now updated on the radial menu with proper icons
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