First Run Through

-Possessed Player, cannot unpossess
-Player attempted to press Enter, game blew up
-In-game Settings menu too small to start
-Torch light doesn't work at Post-Processing of Medium or lower.
 --Change these settings "No" means nothing.
-Initiative Tracker doesn't work
-Tooltips are nice.
--Can spam "damage"; how does a DM deal with this if a player spams the buttons?
-Right-click on "Overview" for menu options, in case players are moving around
-Use the checkbox on the "Overview" to stop players from moving around, especially during initiative.  How are you envisioning the gameplay happening when players are a type of player that just runs around all willy-nilly on their own?
--Measuring tool text a little difficult to see.
--Find the "Use Enter Key to Switch modes" slightly awkward
--Damage from item doesn't state damage type (i.e. bludgeoning, piercing, magic, etc.)
--Set up a way to create a Macro from the Advanced tab. (i.e., I set up 1d8+1d6 in Dice Roller, perhaps have an "Create a new macro from this setup" option could prove useful for setting up macros visually rather than typing them out).


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  • Hello Them2k

    First off, thank you for the feedback. This is exactly what we are looking for at the moment and greatly appreciate it. It helps us focus our attention toward areas that truly need attention. During development, devs become farsighted and don't always see what is immediately in front of them (because we are planning for the next 10 features we need to get in). 

    For some of these points we are aware and working on ways to correct them (like the torch not working on medium post processing). Others are news to us and we will be investigating.As for how we see things in the future, We want to add in a "Combat Mode" that will hold movement but still allow people to look around. We are also nearly finished a grid overlay which can be toggled on and off. 

    Some things we fully acknowledge are not where they need to be. Enter to toggle modes, No key bindings, most menus and object interaction to name a few. This is one of the earliest builds available for Adventure Roll and there is a lot to be improved.

    Thanks again for the feedback. It's what developers live for. 
  • Piggybacking off of them2k's much more extensive notes, I also found the "enter to switch modes" to be clunky.

    If I may ask as my first time testing a system, maybe a way to pivot the camera while in menu mode. Something like hold right mouse button for a "head look". As long as we'll be using those 2 separate camera modes anyway.
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