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Haven't tested with actual players yet, just fiddling with the GM stuff for now.

Is there Grid Snapping for monsters and players?
I'm able to just move monsters but there isn't an easy way to measure how far they've moved.
-When pressing ALT in the feed at the bottom left it tells me how far i've traveled since last position, i'm not sure how i set that position in the first place. (Image for reference)

When I right click a monster and select the "Move" option the XYZ axis indicators don't go away (Image for reference)

There isn't a hotkeys section in the menu, but there are hotkeys. (ALT for distance to last position, for example)

What is presented currently is amazing, I can't wait to see where this goes. I'll try to provide more helpful feedback in the future! 


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  • Hi Vokerr. 

    There is a lot that we want to get in the system but simply haven't had time yet. We have pretty lofty goals here and if we worked away on it it would be years before anyone say a thing. I wanted to hold back another 6 months personally but in the end we decided to start letting some of the more active people in the group access to the earliest build we could. 

    That means you will run into plenty of smaller bugs like the movement indicator not clearing and some features not being in like hotkeys (though they are set up for binding. we just have no interface for them yet)  

    As for setting the "last position" it's currently bound to 'G' to mark your last known position. There isn't a way to use it from the GM quite yet but it's going to be in there as soon as we figure out a decent way to do it. 

    We did talk about grid snapping and decided to leave it out for right now because the playing on a grid rule is optional and we can have the computer calculate everything for you fairly accurately. We may enable grid snapping later down the line but that's going to come down to community feedback. We full heatedly believe that we should build something you guys want not what we want to build. 

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    As a side not, there is a way to set your key bindings. It's just a bit clunky right now. 

    Inside, of Game/Win64/AdventureRoll/Config/DefaultInput.ini

    You will find all the default keybindings. The main section you want to look at is near the bottom and starts with:


    As long as you don't change the ActionName value, you should be able to set some basic Key bindings You can look at the other bindings in the list for examples on how to set these fields. 
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