Testing Adventure Roll

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First and most importantly, thank you for signing up to test Adventure Roll. These tests and the feedback you provide will be the foundation that everything is built on. We know that this community is a highly involved and creative group. That's why your input is so important. 

Why is this not being tested in-house? 
Table top RPGs are a collaborative story telling adventure for both the players and the GM. It's unlikely that a GM will plot out a story and the players will do everything exactly as expected. The same goes for software development. So instead of building what we think will work and handing it off to the public, we want to bring the public in at as early a stage as possible so we can build up Adventure Roll together. 

Downloading Adventure Roll
In order to test Adventure Roll, you are going to need the application. You can download the launcher from the link bellow and then install Adventure Roll. It will make  sure you have the most up to date version from our servers and then you are good to go. 

Download the Launcher

Ok, how do I use this thing. 
Right now, there is an instruction manual located in the AdventureRoll/Game/Win64. The pdf will go over how Adventure Roll works. We will update this in the future to be browser based. 

I broke it...
Something's gone wrong and you don't know what to do. The first step is to check here on the forums to see if anyone else has that problem. If you can't find it, post and let us know what issue you are having. We will likely ask you a few follow up questions and then work with you to get the problem resolved. 

Even if you fixed it, please post about it on the forums. If you are experiencing a problem, someone else likley is too. 

Technical Requirements
Currently the technical requirements for Adventure Roll are unspecified. The basics include a connection to the internet and a computer to test it on. Minimum and recommended specs will be released as Adventure Role is developed. 

Hosting a game requires others to be able to connect to your computer. If you are using a router or switch in your home you will likley need to forward specific ports to your computer. PortForward.com can guide you through this process complete with images specific to the device you have. 

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